There is many VPN services out there, but the service on them can be less than exciting. We haven't tried them all but we have tried most and the Pure VPN service is used by us for a number of different tasks, one being the SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle software packs below.


Pure VPN allows you to tell servers around the world that you are located in a different location at a press of a button. This allows you to run software, watch international TV or switch locations for search engines and still have privacy and security. 


Blocked content is something that you get when you are traveling or when you want to view content from another country try going to BBC Iplayer from a country other than the United Kingdom and you will see what we mean. With a VPN service you can tell the server that you are in the United Kingdom and in a slash you can watch the latest programs and replays. This is great for watching sport too from around the world. 


We have chosen Pure VPN for its simultaneous logins from one account, so it can be used for private and business use at the same time. Its Iphone and Ipad app is very good and simple to set up even for those who aren't technical and the service is excellent. check out the website here for a list of all the server locations and if you are not happy then they have a money back guarantee as well.