General travel tips

When you are travelling to English speaking countries, in most cases you will be able to get by with your English driving license if you have one. Though some countries will still ask you to obtain an international driving license which is obtained from your home country.


International Driving Permit are available for anyone over 18 years and can be a legal requirement in some countries like Russia. 

Whenever you want to travel check with the relevant embassy of the country you are intending to travel for up to date information on international driving.

Do your research about the country you're intending to travel in advance. It will increase your overall experience of the culture and act as a guide to the places you would like to visit. It can also give you ideas about what problems that you are most likely to face while there. Ensure that you are updated with the current events happening in that particular country including immigration and Visa requirements.


Know that tourists are sometimes targets of crime. Keeping safe starts before you start your journey by being prepared. Know where you are going to stay before you depart from your home country at least for the first night and know how and when you intend to get there. 


Once you are done with packing your bags make sure they are safe before checking in at the airport. Research has shown that many airports have been reports of luggage theft with some being tampered with in the airport, Russia is known for this. Some airports have sealing machine to help avoid such incidences and can help deter the would be thief.


Do not offer or accept transport from any person who is not approved to offer transportation to the public, Russia is also known for this at the airports and booking before you arrive can also help with communicating your destination. 


Be careful when using electronic money payment systems. Keep your ATM pin secret and covered at all times. Avoid making payments in crowded places and never let the payment be made out of your sight.


Ensure your travel insurance policy covers all medical expenses in cases of injuries or falling ill, including your valuables in case of damage to your luggage and flight change plans. . In case you are not insured, you will be independently responsible for covering any medical costs resulting from unexpected accidents. You have the insurance policies clearly outlined in writing before you travel, you can find some leading companies here for travel insurance


Practice safe sex measures. Always ensure you practise safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Do not also share needles and injections with anyone.


Organise your passports and visas. This is the most important document that you must ensure you have before planning for any journey. Ensure it is valid and note the dates of expiry. Remember that all children including new-borns must also have their own passports. Different countries have different passport requirements to be on the safe side ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you have planned to return back to your home country.


Remember to scan your important documents like passports, visas, before leaving for your journey and ensure you keep them in different places as it is always safe not to keep all your eggs in one basket in case the originals get lost or stolen. Email them to yourself for easy access incase of emergency.

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