Russian Language

Watch a Film

A fun way to start getting to know a language is to watch films with subtitles. 

The link below has some real classic to get you in the mood for your trip or relocation to Russia.

Free Russian movies with English subtitles. Official archive in case if you want to learn more about Russian culture. Don't forget - click CC in youtube to activate subtitles Link

Have a tutor

A private tutor is a great way to start learning a language and having a one to one at your known pace can really build your convenience up. Learns can be advanced with Skype lessons before your relocation or to brush up before a vacation to Russia.


We have a number of tutors who can provide excellent lesson programs or more targeted programs for business or pleasure.

Class Lessons

If you like to work in groups or working with others this is a great way to start getting to know some new people in Moscow together with learning the language.

Lessons normally are in class sizes of between 4 to 8 people and last 2 x 1 academic hour so a small break can be had in between sessions. After normal working hours is common together with weekend arrangements depending on the school and availability.  

We have a number of arrangements around the city available.

Social Groups

Informal Groups are another way to have a great time trying to learn a language.

A group gets together normally once a week in a local venue like a cafe or quite bar to socialise and exchange each others language, discuss culture and current affairs.

This method is good for a little more advanced students as one language can take over from another weaker language in the conversation as both parties want to learn from each other. 

Polyglot is a group that meet regularly in Moscow.

Learn Russian in Moscow