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Newspaper at the weekend can be one of them things some people just can't be without when living abroad.

Finding a good newspaper to read in English can be hard if you like the feel of paper and the sound of the page turning on a sunday morning with a cup of coffee watching the world go by after a good breakfast. 

So where do you turn to find your daily read in moscow?

The Moscow News - papers in English for Moscow

The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times first published in 1992 and known for some of its guest writer's critical view on the Russian Government.

The Moscow Times printed version is typically given out freely via stands in places English-language "expats" attend, including cafes hotels and restaurants.

Don't look for this at newsstand as it's not available. A subscription service is also available for those finding it hard to get in the normal way.

The readership has increased with more English-speaking Russians picking up the free edition. 

The newspaper regularly publishes articles by prominent Russian journalists.

The Moscow Times sister publication The St. Petersburg Times are owned by the Finland-based Sanoma Corporation. 

The Moscow Times - papers in English for Moscow

Russia Beyond the Headlines

Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) is a multilingual news and information resource. offering news, commentary, opinion and analysis on most areas life in Russia.

The resource is sponsored by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Russian government’s official newspaper.

Russia Beyond the Headlines publishes print supplements in 22 influential international newspapers in 16 different languages in 26 countries of the world. RBTH also has 18 websites in 16 languages.

In both the print supplement and website versions, RBTH covers current affairs and public phenomena in Russia.



RBTH uses a mix of both professional, independent Russian and foreign journalists. 

The website can be found here

Russia Beyond the Headlines RBTH - English newspapers in Moscow