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October 15, 2013

Today, October 15, 2013, introduced a new Administrative regulation of public services in the registration of vehicles. Regulations approved by the Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from August 7, 2013 № 605, registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice on 27 September and officially published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on October 4.

In accordance with the new edition of the Administrative Regulations in the vehicle registration procedures have been significant changes aimed primarily at optimizing the process and substantial savings in time costs of citizens.

So, now before the sale of the vehicle does not need to be removed from the register - it is done simultaneously with the production of a vehicle registered by the new owner. In this connection, registration marks "Transit" has today issued the registration divisions of traffic police vehicles only, departing from the Russian Federation.

If desired, the vehicle seller behind it can be stored his state license plates. In this case, it is necessary to seek the sale of the vehicle with the appropriate application to the registration division of traffic police, where he will be issued a new license plates and old - left on deposit for the issuance of the newly acquired them or previously registered vehicle for him. This shelf-life license plates increased regulations from 30 to 180 days.

In addition, under the new regulations, individuals and legal entities can now carry out registration activities in any registration division of traffic police.

With all of the changes made to the rules of the execution of registration actions has been reduced from three hours to one hour. In addition, the reduced and the time allotted to wait in line - today it must not exceed 15 minutes.

At the same time, in addition to the registration of the order fulfillment operations, the new version of the Administrative Regulations defines the procedure for making duplicates of the state license plates. So, in addition to the possibility of duplication of license plates instead degraded, today provided the possibility of manufacturing duplicate license plates to replace the lost (stolen).

 For the manufacture of duplicate state registration plates are not required to apply to the traffic police department - production is made directly relevant Producer registration plates, provided that the owner of the vehicle certificate of registration. 

Infographic from the Russian Traffic Police for vehicle transactions