Want to invest in property but do not have time ? Are you overwhelmed by so much real estate ? So you may need to put in the hands of a 'personal shopper' property.


Simply, we offer our professionals to seek the house or commercial property of each customer based on the parameters requested.


For example, the client usually indicate which area you are interested in the world, the price you want to pay, or the qualities of the property. From there, the 'personal shopper' combs the market based on those instructions.

One of the great advantages of this career is that it will always defend the interests of the buyer, which is who pays. Because at the end of the day, the realtor about the seller and the buyer, with the two legs of the market. But here is the advisor who fights the best price and the best terms. "We save time, money and headaches"


Another advantage is that the 'personal shopper' will handle all the paperwork associated with the home purchase. For example , registration procedures , agency , notary, appraisal, expert reports. Saving time and energy for our clients.


And how much does all this cost ? the company operates "on success" , ie the client just does the disbursement once purchased is complete.


All this and much more offers "WhyInvest Personal Shopper"


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