Office Refitment

Look at any new fast paced company office design and you can see area's for work, rest and play. They come with play stations or Xbox and table tennis tables in the common rooms all in the style of the big internet giants link Google and Facebook. There is a reason for this which is a simple one  = keeping your staff or retention as most know it. 

Having the right space can make all the difference to how your staff and you can work, interact and gel as a team. Some companies call in special coaching consultants if the management can't work together to push the business forward, but working with the space you have is just as important. does your staff spend time around the coffee machine be it a latte model or a quick fixer instant?

So ask us to have one of our designers look at your space or if you are in need of new space in Moscow our home city or further afield in the United Kingdom, United States, Asia or europe, just touch base with us to have one of the team look at your requirements and find you the space that is right for your needs.


Our team of office designers will illustrate traffic flows, client areas, meeting spaces or offices, storage, equipment, power and amp; data points, light sources and amp; acoustic issues prior to developing detailed construction drawings.


All of our office designs utilise a studio of designers with varying skills which enables us to explore all avenues before committing to final presentation and 3D rendered interiors.


Furniture can play a big part in the look and feel of your companies enviroment.


We select on the basis of your office environment, working practices, budget, product reliability and of course aesthetics. A range of workstation systems and bespoke products often designed in house to meet your requirements.


Where appropriate, we will survey your existing assets, conduct a audit of your filing/storage needs and co-ordinate the installation or removal of furniture.


An effective design will make an invaluable contribution to the space in which you work, making it an employee-friendly place.


As you are likely to spend more time in the office than at home, our designers are constantly looking for solutions where a work/life balance is maintained.

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