Moscow Pollution 

Knowing where the best places to live in Moscow can be a hard task, below you will find a rundown of the best and worst places and districts to live.  

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Experts analyzed all 125 metropolitan areas, with the exception of the territory of New Moscow. In the calculation includes such factors as the availability of green and park areas, the wind, the number of industrial zones, busy highways, etc. The results were not the most predictable.

- The first place ranking divided North and South Butovo Butovo (South-West district) - one of the youngest areas of the capital, located outside Moscow - say the study's authors, analysts federal portal "World of apartments." - There are no differences in the ecological status of these two neighboring territories is almost no: they are surrounded by several forest areas, mainly Butovskii park. Only Warsaw highway is quite loaded trucks.

Silver medalist became district Yasenevo (also south-west). The area is surrounded by greenery on one side - Bitsevskiy park, on the other - Butovsky, Yasenevo. In addition, the wind rose for the sole favorable.

In third place is situated Mitino - an area in the north-west of Moscow, on all sides surrounded by forests. The main source of automotive air pollution are Pyatnickoe highway and especially Moscow. Yet ring road here loaded weaker than in other areas.

Next descending follow: Strogino, Kurkino, Krylatskoye, Northern Tushino, Teply Stan, Marfino and Ivanovo.

Most environmentally disadvantaged areas of Moscow was expected Kapotnya (Southeast District), which is due to the refinery received unofficial nickname Small Norilsk. At times, air pollution is felt directly: hanging in the air could, in the apartment is an unpleasant odor.

Kapotna compete for air pollution until recently could Printers (south-east). Here more than 230 industrial enterprises, with almost no green spaces. A Kuryanovskoy treatment plants spread not only disgusting smells all around, but also to neighboring areas. However, after the reconstruction of the first block of buildings, completed two months ago, the amount of emissions reduced by half.

And finally, "competes" with the bonnet Biryulyovo West (South) - an area that includes many plants, including incineration. Do not add environmental Ring Road and street Podolsk cadets loaded due to lack of subway. Other disadvantaged areas specialists identified Marino, Dmitrov, Lublin, Nekrasovka, Tsaritsyno, Ochakovo-Matveevskoe and Nizhny Novgorod region.