Twitter has redesigned our profile pages, they placed emphasis on personal information. On the old Twitter page, you got a smaller avatar than the latest version with your name next to it and a bio, but your bio and the link to your website were over in the righthand side and even though you could put URLs for multiple web pages in your bio, only one of them was clickable.

On the new Twitter 2.0 our avatars are now nearly double the size they were before and the bio moved over next to the avatar, below the name.

The text is now much larger and italicized to emphasis and maybe best of all, any links that you include in the bio are now fully clickable. You will need to include the http://www part to allow the link to work correctly.

Try to use the 160 character that twitter allow you to explain your reasoning for the account, like brand and the like, but if you need to have more room then a link to a landing page is a great way around the 160 character limit.ย