The Business Card

The common business card, the item that no right minded business, sales or anyone else for that matter who meets people on a regular basis can or should be without.


Yet how much time do we really put into this small piece of marketing and does it get your connections to your website?


Can you remember when the first business card was invented?


I do hope not the business card has been around from around the 15th century with a little change in the name to visiting cards. 


As the name suggests the visiting card was used in China to introduce a visitor to the upper classes when requesting audience and would be handed to the servants. The first personal advertisement aid.


Just about everybody has one and most of you have a collection of them around your desk as we speak either in boxes of your given out cards or maybe with an elastic band around them. The starting point of marketing yourself and your business or company for that matter and a gateway to the have new connections who need to be reconnected with in the future and not lost.


Please feel free to give your ideas about your business card to fellow readers using the comments section below.

Businesses both large and small spend tens of thousands of dollars on direct marketing efforts which include mailers, handouts, brochures, door-hangers, spec sheets and more. But what seems to get forgotten is this little card under the nose which is normally the smallest of them all with our own name and contact details. 


It is high time to think of that business card as the selling opportunity it truly is and not just the scrap of paper that you use to give your email out on. Give your business card the design and content that is worthy of the investment it is and be a beacon in the crowd.


Here are some ideas that will bring this 15th century advertising tool into the 21st century depending on your industry.


CRM-able details

Have your details on your website, in a restricted area. Your new connection can access the information without needing to type the card into a phone, CRM system or database. This can drive traffic to your site and give you the chance to say more to them about you and the company. QR Codes are made for this task...potential leads can view additional information gain a discount or other incentive.

Is it just a business card?

By adding a special discount voucher to the card or a event ticket you can make sure that the business card is retained by your connection. being creative with your card and be both helpful and energising to your new connection.



Inspiring cards make for memorable business cards

Use your card to inspire your connection a interesting fact, a empowering quote or other information can make your business card stand out. 

Associate with a charity 

We have all seen the big companies promote a charity and in doing so provide a strong image for the brand. your business cards can have the same use if done correctly to the mutual benefit to all. 



Other business card tips 

Give out more than one card, two is good to everyone you meet. In crowded events it can be especially good for someone you have just meet to give your card to another new connection when you have your hands full at the buffet and a coffee. Pyramid your business card with a great incentive to hand your card on to another redeemable offer to get the card into the right hands. 


Link the design of your website to the design of the business card, this includes the font, colours and image right down to the paper. If your company has a modern feel then go modern and inkeeping. if old world then choose the right card to match.

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