.Moscow new domain names 

.moscow the new domain

The purpose of these TLDs is to create the unified information space and online brand of Moscow on the Internet. Domain names will best suit the audience wishing their websites to be associated with Moscow and enjoy greater popularity among Internet users.

The new domain endings will be rolled out as below. make sure that you get your name registered before someone else does....


Sunrise Phase

The Sunrise period is a first stage of a new gTLD launch in which trademark holders will be invited to register domain names with new domain extensions that matches their registered trademark.


Landrush Phase

Landrush is the phase of a TLD launch during which domain names are available for registration for non-trademark holders that wish to register generic terms like loan or car but are not eligible to take part in the Sunrise period. Landrush comes after Sunrise but before General Availability.


General Availability

General Availability also called Open Registration Period is available to everyone to register domain names on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is the period when domains do not have any additional restrictions.

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