Google Gmail freezing in Google Chrome ?

gmail must be one of the most popular email services around and it doesn't happen often but a problem like freezing (screen shows you the inbox but is unclickable) is not something we want or need.

It looks like this is becoming more and more common so do the following to get your gmail fired up again.

1 find the folder 

windows 7 is 

C:\Users\computer\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\default

2 unhide the folder in organizer (top left)

3 copy default folder (to give you a backup if all goes wrong)

4 delete the "extensions cookies" and the "cookies journal" files. Chrome will now rebuild them on start up.

5 Job done

note : if you cant edit the default folder - close chrome and then stop chrome in the back ground with windows task manager

Ctrl+Alt+Del then task manager.

Using Google Chrome - "The pages have become unresponsive. Wait or Kill" message.


If you are using the Google Chrome web browser to use really any web site and are logged into your KartHostKloudTM MailWebmail account and you see this message popup:
Using Google Chrome web browser and get pop up that says Pages Unresponsive
If that is something like what you are seeing in Google Chrome, try the solution below:

1) Open up your copy of the Google Chrome web browser and click on the three horizontal bar, aka 'Hamburger Menu', to open Chromes menu. As seen in image 1

Hamburger Menu in Google Chrome

2) With the resulting drop down window just click on "Settings" as seen in image 2

Google Chrome Settings Menu
3) Now Chrome will open up in the Settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, as seen in image 3.
Google Chrome Settings page Step 3
4) At the bottom of the settings page you will see the link "Show advanced settings..." link. As shown in image 4, click on that link.

Google Chrome Advanced Settings page Step 4
5) After you click on the "Show advanced settings..." you will remain on the same page, but now you can scroll down some more as seen in image 5, just scroll down again to the bottom of the page.
Google Chrome Advanced Settings page Step 5
6) At the bottom of the page you will see "System" and to checked items. In image 6 you will see item "A" which is Use hardware acceleration when available (requires Chrome restart), if it is checked, UNCHECK the box (untick the box).
After you have unchecked the box, notice the statement (requires Chrome restart) pointed out by arrow B in the image 6. Go ahead and restart Chrome by checking that link. Don't worry, Chrome will open up all your Chrome browser sessions at the same location before restart.
Google Chrome Advanced Settings page Step 6

7) After you have restarted Google Chrome web browser open up the Settings and go to the System setting and it should look like image 7
Google Chrome Advanced Settings page Step 7