Unless you are a computer geek you are probably asking yourself why would I need more than one browser or two at most to do normal web surfing tasks, watch a movie or go to visit your friends facebook page. 


Well the main benefit of have more than one browser installed is that you can login to more than account of facebook, google or any other website from the same computer without the need to logout and log back in every time. just keep the two or more browser windows open and switch. This is really great for having multi accounts for social networking.

We shouldn't also forget that privacy is becoming a big issue in our internet world and having every visit tracked is not always good when it comes to advertising. 


So below are your choices of browser keeping everything as short as possible, most a the same these days and they can sing a good tune. 


Our favourite are Chrome for translation and use, firefox for its extensions and Lunascape for is ability to switch from one framework to another.

Best for privacy

Epic Browser is a privacy browser which strips out all the tracking options from the marketers, trackers and spies. It's based on something familiar Chrome. 

Note : if you install addon then the addon can still track your usage. We like this one for its simple options for downloading from sites with ad pop ups or double click actions. 

Best for speed

We like Chrome, it's fast simple to use and has almost every addon needed to make it work great. If you are looking for a private session. Use Epic Browser instead, need we say more.

The List of the browsers

iCab: iCab the WebKit based browser on the MAC which is available for free as “nag ware” that will bug you to register and upgrade to the pro version. at $20/15 EUR it really is unneeded. There is also a version for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Camino: sadly Camino is no more and has reached its end - you can still download it so its been included here “Mozilla Power, Mac Style” as a headline for this Mac-only web browser. Camino is an open source browser project Based on the Gecko engine.

OmniWeb: OmniWeb uses WebKit and includes features like workspaces, link previewing, ad blocking to highlight a few. OmniWeb is now free as it should be.

Shiira: it can be downloaded via other sources but the website is no more - is a open source browser with Japanese roots using the WebKit framework aiming for the heights of Safari but the hasn't been updated since 2007 don't think they are really going to make it.

Firefox: A legend in its own right, with this many plug-in's, customizations and extensions you can be happy for days trying to find the best one that fits your needs. Mozilla Firefox is a Gecko-based browser 

Flock: currently with question marks as how it may turn out, on the website you can add your email address for inclusion into in there words "We are currently working on something awesome" It was built on Gecko. 

Google Chrome: Built on WebKit, its really hard to stop this titan moving into the top spot when we talk about browsers with Google behind it. 

Lunascape: is a browser x three and should be added to the download list ASAP...


Konqueror: Konqueror is a part of the K Desktop Environment, but is also available for Unix systems, Mac OS X and is finally coming out for Windows systems. Besides being a browser, it can also be used for file management.


Opera: Opera loved by some and not by others it uses Presto.


Safari: The Apple contender in the Browser wars, using the webkit framework. its nice and simple just what you would expect from the Apple company.


SeaMonkey: SeaMonkey is another browser in the Mozilla family, but is more of an application suite that features a browser, email and news reader.


Avant: boasting to be the fastest web browser and translated into most languages it is popular for many a user. Using the Trident framework it has some features that should be checked out for yourself.


Internet Explorer: The Explorer has come a long way and is set to continue as the starting point for most first time users. it sounds fun to say first time user, but we all start somewhere and with it being installed on all windows based machines its the first one you come too.


K-Meleon: going to the download page makes you think you have gone to the wrong one, with its throw back coding and style "lightweight" for a more positive view, so don't let that put you off it worth a look with its Mozilla Gecko framework.  K-Meleon wants to be lightweight.


Maxthon: Maxthon the China-based browser, with a large following as you would expect coming out of China. It has a following around the world too.


Sleipnir: Sleipnir a popular browser in Japan, with emphasis  on customization, dropping the address bar and calling itself the luxury browser.