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BuzzBundle the Social Media Marketing tool that is changing the way people think.

Its not called SEO PowerSuite for no reason, 4 products in one to make SEO a walk in the park that it should be!

PureVPN you may not have head of it before but you need it and Pure is currently on sale

PureVPN Seen the clever Whiteboard explainer video, well now make one, so easy!

Making marketing pages, adding video and creating sales Easy has it covered

Making websites, is easy work with this builder and by the way you are on a Jimdo site now!!

Welcome to the software reviews page of WhyInvest for internet marketing, below you will find a list of products that have made it passed comparison testing to give you the tools you need to go it alone in the world of internet and social media marketing.

These tools and software packages will give you the edge. We use these tools for our clients benefit and use them for you if you don't have the time or the budget to purchase them for a smaller project.

Jimdo the Instant Website

Ok so just to prove that a instant website can look good and still have the tools to help get people involved in your site we have made this one using Jimdo. Use the signup form below to have a try at instant webpage making.


Why would we need it when we are making other peoples, well its simple really not everyone needs the bells on a website just the functions and easy editing without the need for a coder or complicated quick edits. 

We like this builder because it allows our staff to update with ease and no technical knowledge.

Its not for everyone, but it does a good job of fast content, fast SEO. Give it a spin and tell us what you think?

Create a website

Pure VPN

There is many VPN services out there, but the service on them can be less than exciting. We haven't tried them all but we have tried most and the Pure VPN service is used by us for a number of different tasks, one being the SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle software packs below.


Pure VPN allows you to tell servers around the world that you are located in a different location at a press of a button. This allows you to run software, watch international TV or switch locations for search engines and still have privacy and security. 

Blocked content is something that you get when you are traveling or when you want to view content from another country try going to BBC Iplayer from a country other than the United Kingdom and you will see what we mean. With a VPN service you can tell the server that you are in the United Kingdom and in a slash you can watch the latest programs and replays. This is great for watching sport too from around the world. 


We have chosen Pure VPN for its simultaneous logins from one account, so it can be used for private and business use at the same time. Its Iphone and Ipad app is very good and simple to set up even for those who aren't technical and the service is excellent. check out the website here for a list of all the server locations and if you are not happy then they have a money back guarantee as well.



BuzzBundle Review

Get Noticed!

Forgive the video above which comes from link assistant themselves, but it really does explain what Buzz Bundle is and does so well.

Once you see it in action you will know why it's so important to have in your social media tool box.


You can get a $50 reduction on the software here and get a free trial before to confirm how good this software really is from here 

BuzzBundle — the Most Advanced Social Media Management Platform

Looking for a tool that can take your social media management to the next level? BuzzBundle is what you need! The software perfectly handles all aspects of social media marketing (SMM) and lets you run your social media campaigns in the easiest and most effective way.

Under one interface you can:

  • monitor your brand popularity online;
  • monitor the results of your SMM campaigns;
  • shape a robust online reputation of your brand;
  • analyze the competitive landscape of your niche;
  • manage numerous social media accounts in one convenient environment;
  • create personas for all people and companies you represent;
  • schedule posts, messages and announcements;
  • and a lot more!

Monitor your social media popularity

BuzzBundle lets you monitor your social media performance and manage online reputation for your website or brand. The tool supports the largest coverage of social media sites and lets you monitor your brand online popularity on:

  • forums
  • blogs
  • Q&A sites
  • social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc)
  • video sites (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • review sites (Tripadviser, Yelp)

With the tool you can engage into any conversation, leave comments, like, share other posts and manage all your social correspondence in one convenient workspace.

Generate Buzz under Different Personas

With BuzzBundle you can manage an unlimited number of Personas with dozens of social media accounts and easily access them in one conveniently organized environment. You can create new social media profiles for your campaigns, or use the existing ones.

Manage up to 10 SMM campaigns per project

BuzzBundle lets you create up to 10 keyword groups for your campaigns and monitor how each campaign is progressing. You can see how many references each keyword has got, how many references are coming from forums, blogs or social networks.

Track Competitors' Mentions

The software lets you keep a close eye on your competitors' activities on forums, blogs, numerous social media sites and whatever else. Knowing what your competitors are doing, you will be a few steps ahead of the game!

Extra features


Just set the time for posting your messages and the software will do that for you. Also, you can create a scheduled task for collecting buzz and uploading incoming messages.


You don't have to leave BuzzBundle to view people's profiles or fill out forms with custom fields. You can open any page you need with the software in-built browser.

Get Noticed!

Social media planner

With BuzzBundle you can keep track of your social media efforts. All your recent social activities are put together on one list, so you can see what exactly had the best effect on your website/brand promotion.

In addition, the software offers you great customization options. You can:

  • unclutter the working area to display only the streams and dialogues you need;
  • filter streams using various parameters;
  • highlight the most important dialogues;
  • remove unneeded dialogues and more!

Get Noticed!
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SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite is an effective one-stop SEO solution. This set of four top-notch SEO tools covers a wide range of on-page and off-page optimization tasks, including:

  • keyword research;
  • rankings monitoring;
  • content optimization;
  • SEO site audit;
  • competition research;
  • link building and management;
  • ...and a lot more!

With this full-cycle SEO software you can automate SEO routines, cut boring SEO workload and streamline your SEO efforts.


Rank Tracker – The First-Class Rank Checker and Keyword Research Tool


Rank Tracker is an advanced rank monitoring tool that gathers a concise report of the ups and downs of your website's ranking. The app lets you:


monitor your site rankings performance in over 340 international and local search engines;

monitor your competitors' rankings and compare them to yours;


  • monitor your and your competitors' rankings in Google and Bing universal search result blocks: videos, images, news, shopping, places, etc.;
  • set any location to collect rankings data for (geo-targeted search);
  • keep rankings history of each and every keyword;
  • monitor rankings on auto-pilot;
  • and more!

Equipped with 19 keyword research mechanisms, Rank Tracker lets you find a great number of keywords to optimize your website for. Each keyword is analyzed against KEI - the most reliable criteria to identify how SEO-lucrative a keyword is.

The software also provides you with valuable traffic stats from Google Analytics. With the tools you will learn:

  • the number of visitors your keywords are driving;
  • bounce rates for each keyword.

On top of that, Rank Tracker lets you analyze PPC data fetched from Google Adwords Keyword Tool. So your PPC and SEO efforts will work together in the most productive way.

Website Auditor – Simply the Best On-page Optimization Assistant

Website Auditor is a top-level on-page SEO tool that handles all possible aspects of on-site optimization.

With Website Auditor you can diagnose your site for various structure and coding errors that may be hindering your rankings progress. The software lets you find and fix:

  • broken links
  • HTML code errors
  • 404 and other server response code errors
  • links with “nofollow” tag
  • duplicate page titles
  • duplicate meta descriptions
  • duplicate pages
  • pages blocked by robots.txt
  • and more!

The fully-fledged content optimization module lets you optimize your website pages for any targeted keywords. With Website Auditor you can:



  • evaluate how your pages are currently optimized;
  • calculate the best keyword density for each html element of a page;
  • calculate the most appropriate keyword prominence for each html element of a page;
  • analyze your top competitors on-page optimization techniques and on that basis develop your own sure-fire on-page SEO strategy;
  • get professional on-page optimization advice and the detailed guidance.

On top of that, Website Auditor lets you improve your website crawlability and speed up the process of indexing. With the tool you can easily create and manage .robots.txt files and generate.xml sitemaps.

SEO SpyGlass – an Ultimate Competition Research Solution

SEO SpyGlass is a powerful competition research and link checking tool. This tool can be used to discover new link sources or manage your existing backlinks.

With this high-end competition research app you can discover quality link sources and use them to boost your website rankings. The tool collects backlink data from over 160 international and local search engines and its exclusive multi-million in-house backlink database. Each found link is analyzed against 40+ important SEO metrics, such as:


  • Link Anchor Text;
  • URL of a backlink page;
  • Google Page PR; Google Domain PR;
  • Domain age;
  • Link Value;
  • Alexa Rank;
  • DMOZ, Yahoo! Directories inclusion;
  • Visits (taken from Google Analytics);
  • And a lot more!


Also, with SEO SpyGlass you can have an overlook of competitors' link building strategies within 1 convenient workspace.

Besides, SEO SpyGlass lets you monitor and verify all your existing backlinks to keep track of how your link-building campaign is progressing.

LinkAssistant – the Best Tool to Manage Your Link Building Campaigns

Your whole link building campaign can be facilitated by features of LinkAssistant — all you need within one single tool.

With this top-notch SEO app you can find a great number of high-quality link sources using various search mechanisms:


  • Find sites by keyword search
  • Find sites with link submission forms
  • Find sites that link to your competitors
  • Find sites that already link to you
  • Harvest all URLs on webpages you specify
  • Perform a deep scan on the website you specify

Each found link is analyzed according to various SEO-important criteria.

With LinkAssistant you can easily handle large amounts of data: arrange link partners into categories, assign various statuses to them and sort them so that each of your partners is always at hand.

LinkAssistant has a fully-fledged email client that lets you take full control of your link building correspondence! With LinkAssistant you can write personalized e-mails to webmasters and website owners, and never spend more than a couple of seconds to find a way to contact them.

For all the links to your partners the software generates a professional link directory that matches your website's look-n-feel. No HTML knowledge is required!

Each SEO PowerSuite app has an intuitive reporting area with pre-made report templates. It lets you generate various kinds of professional eye-candy reports.

All templates are fully-customizable: you can include your company logo, adjust color schemes, add or remove sections and more. You can upload SEO PowerSuite reports to your website or email them directly to your clients in PDF's or HTML formats.

Also, all the collected data can be exported in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML and SQL formats.

The SEO PowerSuite tools are equipped with the advanced search safety settings, which makes them ultimately search engines friendly.

All the apps have an intuitive user interface and customizable workspaces, which let process and organize the data the most convenient way.

WindowsMac OS and Linux compatible.

SEO PowerSuite Languages

In SEO PowerSuite kit you get all the SEO tools you need to effectively optimize sites in any language and promote them in over 325 local and regional search engines. But that's not all. You can now lay your hands on the industry-standard SEO tools in your native language to analyze, optimize and conquer the web from the comfort of the software environment in your native-tongue. At the moment SEO PowerSuite is available in the following languages:

  • English English
  • German German
  • Russian Russian
  • French French
  • Dutch Dutch
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Slovak Slovak

Are you an SEO company or individual SEO consultant? Use the multi-language features of SEO PowerSuite to expand your business into the biggest Internet markets: Germany, Russia and numerous Spanish, French and Dutch-speaking countries. Instantly reach out to German, Russian, Spanish, French, Slovak and Dutch speaking prospects with comprehensive SEO reports in their native tongues. Spread the geography of your services to gain extra exposure and magnet new leads and clients.

Haven't thought of entering these markets yet? It may be just right time to expand your business boundaries with SEO PowerSuite.

Get all localized versions at no extra cost

You won't need to get any special downloads or pay any additional fees for the localized versions of SEO PowerSuite. With SEO PowerSuite you get all translated versions in one at no extra costs.

Try SEO PowerSuite
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VideoScribe the simple whiteboard for video creation, Videoscribe is simple to use with a click and drop interface, using verter imported graphics you can make simple video of products, explainers or just about anything that your company could need. VideoScribe is a must see in action in the video below


With the option to now include pie charts bar chart and graphs as part of the scribe, video scribe is able to make your corporate presentations run smoothly too with something that is a powerpoint alternative. 


If this option really is to time consuming we are able to offer a whiteboard design service, please contact us for more information about what we can do for your business. 

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Easy Video Suite

EasyVideoSuite Click Here! for more information

Some of the features of the software for video playing and posting are:

With Easy Video Suite you can create Video Sales Letters (VSL), Video Overlay, Squeeze Pages as well as Landing Pages quickly and simply.


Video recording

Record basic screen or webcam videos in seconds and get online in seconds.


Seamless S3 integration

Designed to work seamlessly with Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos for pennies!


Add buy buttons & calls to action

Explode sales by embedding "buy now" buttons, Opt in forms & CTA's directly in your videos.


Video pages

Create gorgeous video pages for your videos, in seconds, all drag and drop.

First advanced, live video marketing stats

Use the most advanced video marketing analytics to stay on the pulse of your marketing.


Video conversion

Never struggle with conversion again, one click web and mobile ready video converter.



Create gorgeous video playlists with our drag and drop editor.


Timed Events

Create timed events in and around your videos to captivate your audience.


Split testing

Create video split tests, set performance goals in seconds and track results.



Secure your videos url, the embed code and more with our advanced security.


SEO features

Rank your videos in the search engines easily with our SEO features.



Be constantly in control, regardless of experience with our drag and drop dashboard.

Click on the Easy Video Suite logo for more information

Audello Review – The Podcast Software 


Audello is the fast track to the podcasting world with a iphone app which connects directly to the software to allow you to podcast from anywhere, this is great if you have interviews to do or just have the need to review something on the move. 


The focus of the Audello software is to gain more conversions instead of generating more leads. Traffic can get gained with the likes of Buzz Bundle and SEO power suite will make sure your site has the traffic.


Audello is designed to keep your contacts and clients coming back time and time again via podcasting.


Click Here to have a look at the Audello page!

Audello list