Personal Finance Employee Education 

We support the work done by the The Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF) in the United States, and know that having your employees financial wellness correctly balanced leads to higher production at all levels from board level through management to junior positions. 

A some clear example

  1. Taking time off work to deal with loan applications or change in circumstances with banks, credit cards, auto loans or other financial shortcomings have an impact on the performance of employees, there make worse decisions which effect your bottom line.
  2. The salesmen who needs the commission due to unforeseen circumstances. Chasing clients to in an effort to close for commission can impact your image and lead to lost sales.

Why Invest has extensive experience in understanding your employee needs when it comes to personal finance and can help guide your employees without any financial impact on your company.

We can review your staff and guide them in choosing the right path in both wealth management and financial security with a view to weathering the up and down motion that life tends to throw at us.

Invite us to talk with your employees and see how we can help take some the HR responsibilities away from your company.