Twitter Limit

Marketing on Twitter has its limits when you first start out on the Twitter world and this limit is set at 2001 or so it seems at the first look.

Twitter Has a limit on the number of following (followed) accounts you can will follow. but i hear you cry that "i have seen account in the thousands and in millions".

So, how do you get past the twitter followers limit of 2,000?  Well the only way to do it is to grow your own follower list.

You will hit this limit at 2001 which is a strange number right? well it works out that twitter followers magic number is 1819 plus 10% = 2001. When you hit this figure if you haven't done so already of 1819 you are allowed to follow that number plus a further 182.  Your follower limit is now 2001 and you have broken through the barrier, just.

For every ten new followers you gain you can follow eleven new tweeters, and so on. 


If this is the limit then what about my current followers don't they count in the eyes of Twitter?


Good question and it's hard to be clear on as Twitter is a secretive lot - the main answer lies in the way the system of followers is set up for Twitter, the number needs to be reached before they start counting on this newer rate of followers.

This doesn't mean they don't get counted if your followers drops.

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