Break It Down - task that is?

But that sounds easy if i know what it means

break it down, tasks, goals and eggs
break it down, tasks, goals and eggs

So you need to break down your given goal down into bit sized chucks, make it easier to handle and take in before it takes you over and before it has you bogged down beast in quicksand.

I have heard this so many times from a book, a post or the last can do expert and i am sure that most of you have heard of this at one time or another. But really what does this mean to the normal person who has a large task, project or exercise to complete?  

Having to work on a plan to break it all down is the last thing you really want to be spending your time doing with everything else to do on the to do list, because there is always the other things that need to be done as well, be it at house or home.

Ok lets stop right there and really get to a solution to this break it down and not from a MC Hammer track (reference to the past so google if you don't know).

Most task have waypoints and if they are simple to mark out all well and good. Think of it as climbs trying to reach the top of the mountain K2, they always have stations at the lower levels.  If you have a goal that is somewhat larger in structure and it's just not possible in any number of ways, then we should look to something simple to smash this hard task.

one answer - TIME

Yes time, the very thing you are fighting to get more out of each day to achieve this great plan. Time is the answer and it gets more simple again because 95% (not scientific figure i have to say) of us have the device to break our tasks down. Yes the mobile phone with a built in stopwatch.

No it wasn't included on the phone to cook your hard boiled eggs, It can be the very tool to breakdown the goal and i mean almost any task into these little pieces that everyone keeps talking about.

Take one hour, set the timer and begin knowing that in only a relatively short period you will stop and know that you have started something ready for the next one hour of goal scoring.

The strange thing is that once you start this exercise you may end up doing more as you get into the groove. Before you know it, you are finishing something at 59 minutes to make a cup of tea and the next you've moved onto the next without the creative juices stopping and two hours have passed.

Try it out on some smaller things first, to get yourself in the right frame of mind for this goal killer before you take on the main event.