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If you are considering a second passport through the Dominica citizenship program, with or without residency, a key attraction of the Citizenship Program in Dominica is that as a Dominican citizen you will have a Tax Free Status on Foreign Income, Capital Gains, Gift, Wealth and Inheritance Tax.

Dominica citizenship allows for visa free travel to more than 50 countries including the United Kingdom, it allows for dual citizenships without the requirement to notify the applicants home country, and without any need for the applicant to reside in Dominica.

Dominica established their Economic Citizenship program in 1991 and actively promotes the citizenship programme, as the investment made by the individual into the citizenship programme is used to develop the country's infrastructure. The law can be found in section 101 of the Constitution and Section 8 of the Citizenship Act Chapter 1:10 of the revised laws and section 20 of the Citizenship Act. (This can be viewed in our downloads section)

The Dominica Citizenship Program currently provides the following options  :- Single Applicant or Family Application both of which are detailed below.



Dominica Citizenship -  Application Fees, updated September 2012


Package A – Single ApplicantA non-refundable investment of $100,000 

Package B – Family Application (husband and wife) A non-refundable investment of $175,000.

Package C – Family Application Two (Husband and wife plus two children below the age of 18 years)
A non-refundable investment of $200,000 

Package D – Family Application Three (Husband and wife and three children below the age of 18 years)
A non-refundable investment of $200,000 and $50,000 for every additional child below 18 years.  All children over 18 must become a separate single application. 



Due Diligence Agency

Due diligence requirements are undertaken by the international private investigative agency Bishops Services Inc, on behalf of the Government. They are incredibly efficient, background checks normally take no longer than six weeks.

The costs are payable by the applicant and are determined by how many countries and an applicant has resided and has business operations as they will use field operatives in each country. Remote regions will be more expensive. Fees are usually between US$5,000 - US$10,000.


The Interview Process

It is mandatory that Dominica citizenship applicants are interviewed prior to their Dominica citizenship being granted.  Interviews are normally held on the last Friday of each month in Dominica with three members for the Financial Services Unit committee.  If an applicant is unable to travel to Dominica we can request to have the interview conducted overseas. The travel expenses for the committee to travel are payable by the applicant.  It is a mandatory US$3,000, plus the full cost (hotel, airfare and Per Diem) for three members of the interview panel.

We will fully brief you prior to interview, on the questions that are likely to be asked.


Dominica Citizenship Applications Requirements

The Checklist of documentation for an application for Dominica citizenship is listed below.
Current processing time for our Dominica citizenship applications is under three months. 

  • Two completed and notarized copies of Application Form 12 for each applicant
  • One completed and notarized copy of the Dominica Disclosure Form

  • Letter addressed to the Honourable Minister responsible for Dominica Citizenship

  • Passport copy for each applicant

  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage if required

  • Birth Certificate for each applicant, it must be translated if it is not in English - please prepare two as the Government will keep their copy and we require a copy for the Dominica passport office when we submit your Dominica passport application

  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 18 and 21 yrs old

  • One Professional reference by a lawyer or accountant, they must have known you for a minimum of three years

  • Letter of employment or if self employed an audited Financial Statement

  • Two Personal References please note if you are married your wife must provide seperate references

  • Police Record, with finger prints, from country of birth and country of residence (if different) for each applicant sixteen (16) years and over; For children twelve to fifteen (12 - 15), sworn affidavit by parent that child does not have criminal record

  • Eight passport size photos for each applicant

  • Medical Certificate to include a negative HIV test result

  • Affidavit of Source of Funds - we have a template to forward to you

  • Resume

  • Notarized copies of University/College Diplomas

  • Statutory Declaration - we have a template to forward to you


Licensed Agent


Applications for Dominica citizenship can only be made through a agents recognised and licensed by the Government of Dominica.



The following countries are unfortunately exempt from the Dominica Citizenship Programme :-